This video just went viral on Facebook! Over 150,000 views in five days!!! There is a boat in Hamburg Cove in Lyme Connecticut that always catches my eye. The owner left it in the water all winter. I had gone down to grab some photographs and video recently with the ice all around it because it looked so odd but so beautiful. Then within a matter of days the boat had sunk so I had the before and after footage! WATCH!

Have you been to Chris Cote’s Golf Shop? This place is the only place to go for your golf needs. They have everything not to mention the best club fitting around!

Dutch Oil and Propane is a local business in East Haddam Connecticut that has grown pretty magnificently over the past 20 years. Bruce Dutch had a vision to start a company and serve customers his own personal way. The rest is history!

I really enjoy Blue Apron and have fun cooking it!

I spent several evenings and early mornings filming the swallow murmuration that takes place over Goose Island in Old Lyme CT. This is one of the most natural phenomenons that takes place in the world of birding. See what happens when 500,000 swallows gather together just before sunset and just after sunrise.

Here is a video I made of a local fundraising event at the Lyme Art Association. Its called the Palette to Pallet event. Local artists donated a piece of art then was up for bid in a silent auction. Outside was a big tent with 12 local eateries serving some of their most popular menu items. This was a great night.

I was contacted by a board member of New Haven Country Club after he found some of my golf course videos on YouTube. I went to the course a week later and spent three hours there with him looking at it and had lunch in the clubhouse. A week later I started filming. We did a flyover of every hole with music layed over the video. Here is the 16th hole

New Haven Country Club hole number 3

New Haven Country Club hole number 2

This past month I went to Blackledge Country Club in Herbron Ct to film a video showing their new outside bar, dinning and live entertainment area.

A short video of a home for sale in Old Lyme,Ct.

On Saturday March 31st I was asked to film a MCI drill event for the local Gardner Lake Fire Company in Salem CT. In this drill six different fire companies practiced what would take place in the event of a serious casualty.

On Monday Febuary 26th I took a ride up to Nubble Light in York Maine to get some video. It was a beautiful afternoon and even nicer evening. The sunset made for beautiful golden hour light!

The Heublein Tower in Simsbury is a spot I never knew of untill recently. I went up to catch a sunset in early Febuary and it was a good one!

I spent a couple days chasing down the Coast Guard ice breaker boats in East Haddam on the Connecticut River. The ice had build up so bad that several towns declared a state of emergency. 

This video is of Crumpin Fox Golf Club in Bernardston, Massachusetts. It was an overcast, dark day in the beggining of August 2017. I got to the course at 5:30 in the morning and spent most of the morning filming the course without a soul out there.

This video was my first major project. I spent six weeks filming Fox Hopyard in all different parts of the day and filmed two specific events for the club. 

This video was my first real estate project. A beautiful modern home high on the banks of the connecticut river in Old Lyme. I worked with a very successful agent on this project. I filmed the house, layed music over the video and had her do a voice over on the video. 

This video I shot for a friend who is trying to save this house from demolition.